Stress, including moving home, changing jobs, work/life balance, or change in circumstances

Stress can affect everyone differently. Some of us seem to get on with our life and accept changes within our stride, showing no outward appearance that, for instance, more responsibility and longer hours at work, are nothing other than a re-organising and re-thinking of our time management. Whilst others may start to feel a real sense of being overwhelmed, unable to deal with the pressure, and uncomfortable at what is expected from you now. Another example is when we move home, sometimes this is not through choice, it could be through a relationship break up,  financial difficulties, or maybe a member of the family has decided to move out and live independently. Here at Steps 2 Healing, we have the experience of not only dealing with a change in environment, new financial circumstances, but also the potential feelings of loss for both, or all of those involved. Grief is not only limited to losing someone when they pass, it can be related to change, losing a childhood home, letting go of our children as they grow, as they need to learn how to cope in the world as independent young people.  It could be illness, a feeling of loss of your health, maybe this too is preventing you from enjoying life. Maybe your life has changed so much that you have stopped enjoying anything anymore and you feel stressed at how you once used to be. There are lots of reasons why you may feel stress. Often the emotional feelings involved can lead to a feeling of stress within ourselves that can manifest itself in many different areas. For instance, a headache, stomach ache, feeling 'under the weather' and 'not quite like your normal self'. Maybe you feel you are one of those people who always seem to pick up bugs, colds and viruses. Sometimes we may try and deal with the stress by covering it up with working more hours, denying the stress exists and overloading ourselves in other areas, and maybe even drinking alcohol alone to release some of the pressure. Psychotherapy, counselling and healing therapies can help you to not only work out how this behaviour began, but also help you to learn techniques of relaxation, mindfulness and new ways to take on board that which works for you as an individual person. It could be all you need to do is learn better time management, how to say no instead of being submissive and trying to please everyone instead of leaving yourself to the bottom of the pile. Whatever causes your stress, a good start is accepting you are worth the investment of self-care, deserve to have less stress in your life right now, and can learn to be capable of dealing with stress in a much healthier and productive way.

Each moment of worry, anxiety or stress represents lack of faith in miracles, for they never cease. T. F. Hodge.