Relationship problems and mediation

(including couple/family counselling/reconciliation)

Whether you are married, living together, single, gay, straight, or other. Steps 2 Healing are committed to equality and respect of gender and marital status. In a private and confidential setting, talking with someone who is outside of your relationship, who you do not know, can help you to be more objective before making decisions based upon strong emotions. Disruptive patterns in decision making can make it feel like you attract the same kind of person into your life. For example, controlling relationships, submissive relationships, manipulative relationships, etc. This can happen when someone has had an unfortunate bad experience in their past, and it affects who they are now, today. But there are many varied reasons that couples (and family members) have problems relating to and communicating with each other. 

Steps 2 Healing can help you work out, interrupt unhelpful patterns, re-connect severed communications, and find the level ground that has been difficult to recognise during difficult times. Together, we can also help you to make important decisions or changes that may affect your circumstances, including feeling better about who you are and how you feel about yourself now within close relationships.

For couples (and family members), depending upon our agreed therapy plan, we can facilitate sessions with both of you present, and/or a number of sessions one-to-one. Clients have found this helpful with relationship issues, especially during a mediation process. Sometimes, all it takes is an experienced practitioner to mediate conversations between the both (or all) of you, to help grow better and closer connections.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Carl Jung