Childhood abuse or trauma/adult abuse or trauma

As adults we can compensate for, disguise and/or hide away unwanted feelings from a difficult childhood. Unfortunately some people have trouble relating to others in the now, in certain situations, under differing circumstances. Maybe, you put on a metaphorical pretend mask or protect yourself from getting hurt ever again? Maybe you avoid being close to someone and cannot cope with physical touch? Maybe the thought of being close to someone fills you with dread? Or you harm yourself now because somewhere, back in your past, you believed a person when they said bad things and made you feel worthless? Maybe the self-harm helps to relieve stress, but you cannot quite explain why you do it?

With a kind, gentle and sensitive approach, always in a safe, private and confidential setting, Steps 2 Healing can help you to understand your behaviour and work towards gently processing those difficult emotions and experiences. We believe that with an experienced, sensitive practitioner, clients can learn to re-build their life as an adult, nurture the hurt child-within, move on to engage in better and more healthy equal relationships, and grow new strengths born from a difficult past. *Please also see, Relationship problems'. *

Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence. Peter A Levine.