Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),

including residue from accidents

Nightmares and flashbacks, with anxiety and panic about something that has happened to you in the past can feel like you are re-living the trauma over and again. Sometimes, it can be like repeatedly watching a disturbing movie of the event(s) in your head. It often doesn't make sense that you continue to feel the feelings from back then. And so you try to do everything possible to prevent or disguise what is happening inside of you right now. This could be something like hiding away and becoming reclusive, relying on alcohol or drugs, excusing yourself from activities that once made you feel very much alive. With the trauma, life in the now can feel numb because you naturally want to protect yourself. Sometimes, emotions from the past can try to get out through angry outbursts or over-the-top reactions to something that may not have bothered you in the past. This can be common behaviour with post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, but be reassured, asking for help can be the first step in your recovery. As you work with Steps 2 Healing, as a team, and only when you are ready, we will safely guide you towards your own process of healing, whilst safely helping you to develop new resources for your future.

You can't patch the wounded soul with a band-aid. Michael Connelly, The Black Echo.