Fears and phobias

There is a lot of truth in the acronym 'False Evidence Appearing Real' (FEAR). But try telling that to yourself when you are faced with triggers and reminders that immediately result powerful negative reactions!

Extremes and overwhelming feelings in different situations can limit your experience - what you do and what you don't do, this can prevent you from enjoying something that others seem to approach with ease. You can become sensitised to a certain stimuli, thought or feeling or memory. In therapy with me, Steps 2 Healing can help you to work through your fear or phobia using varying forms of psychotherapy and healing tools, and help you to reach a more comfortable feeling in a situation that once caused distress. Sometimes these situations can be reduced by behavioural therapies, and at other times they may have a root cause in your personal history which needs attention. Sometimes we need to work in a slightly different area to be able to find what is specifically propping up the problem or feeling. However, because we are able to be creative and flexible, we can work in a way to suit your individual needs.

There is no illusion greater than fear. Lao Tzu.