Loss of a loved one or bereavement issues

Losing a loved one is possibly the hardest experience any of us will ever have to face. The pain and the void it leaves can be overwhelming. Everyone feels grief in their own way, but for some of us it can be very hard to move on in life. Sadness, anger, fear, appreciation, loneliness, denial, acceptance - all of these feelings seem to exist simultaneously and then instantly not at all, replaced by the huge emptiness that is our loss. At times it can seem like your life will never feel normal again.

Once you are able to process your grief, you can begin to feel a connection of love, and life once again. Steps 2 Healing can help you to understand the suffering and begin to heal, let go of the negative feelings to make way for a real sense of contentment, but keeping happy memories, and a real way of connection with your loved one inside of your heart.

No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear. C. S. Lewis.