Low mood and depression

We all have difficult days and low mood from time to time, its part of life. It can be easy enough to change what we are doing and cheer ourselves up, go out for a day or phone a friend. But when the mood lingers and your motivation has diminished, depression can feel like you are stuck in a fog that no one else can see, like you are trying to walk through mud. When you have lost your motivation, talking with someone who can be attentive to your individuality, can help you see light at the end of a dark tunnel and help you to feel encouraged. If you have low mood and depression, it can be easy to stay inside of yourself and become self-absorbed. Not in a selfish way, but with a helpless feeling of being stuck and separated from the outside world. One of the greatest discoveries in therapy is learning about choices, and more positive actions to try other than harmful ones. This can create a freedom from within. How you get there depends upon the experience and flexibility of your practitioner. Someone who can treat you sensitively, with empathy, understand your internal suffering, but at the same time, motivate and encourage you, can have a positive impact upon your life.

You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated. Maya Angelou.