Government Restrictions are changing... Hello, and thank you for visiting! Your well-being is important to me! I do not provide 'virtual counselling' and/or psychotherapy sessions; via the mobile phone with 'face time', via the internet with Zoom, Skype or any other intermediary. However, I do consider these forms of contact to be of value. It fits well for some people. My choice to work one-to-one in person, is because I value our professional, dynamic, and subtle interaction during live therapy. To work with a client 'virtually' would compromise my personal and professional integrity, and the respect I have for you as an individual. In my opinion, virtual therapy is not the same as the live dynamic process, and it can limit your healing process. These are my beliefs from my own professional experience. I am here to answer your questions and offer appointments. Wishing you good health, through mind, body and spirit. With Warm Regards, Barrie. Phone 07949 140 226 or email                                                                                                (**Monday 5th April 2021 update** With the ongoing current changing situation, please feel free ask regarding therapy sessions. Steps 2 Healing also offer distant healing appointments, and these have proven to be very effective. Barrie is gifted in this area, but reluctant to boast. Barrie is modest because this is a special and delicate gift he has honed and developed throughout his lifetime.**)

Introducing Counsellor & Psychotherapist Barrie Foster

Hello, and welcome to my website!

As a leading ethical practitioner, who has worked with many many clients, I can offer you over 25 years experience from the field of counselling/psychotherapy and healing therapies. I work in a creative and flexible manner using a range of therapeutic tools.

I have held clinics in Harley Street, London, West Yorkshire, ...and now, the Lincolnshire Wolds. My work has taken me to a national and international audience, both in private practice and whilst teaching therapy.

Through study, life experience, spending time with different influential people and nurturing my abilities, my current work has evolved into the honed skills I can use with you today.

If there is anything you would like to ask me, please feel free to do so via Steps 2 Healing Contact page.

Alternatively, give me a call or send a text to:

07949 140 226.

Wishing you well,


Lincolnshire Wolds clinic is only 10 minutes drive from the centre of Louth or Horncastle