Barrie St John

The Healer

"Hello, and welcome to my website ...

My journey began in the early 1990s ... studying different models of psychotherapy and counselling (to Post Graduate level). I also went on to learn numerous healing therapies.

Through my 25+ years of psychotherapy and healing experience, I have helped many thousands of clients.

Over the years, I have held clinics at Harley Street, London, and the Central London area, West Yorkshire, and also, The Lincolnshire Wolds. I am currently taking appointments at my Lincolnshire Wolds practice.

My work has taken me to both a national and international audience, through private practice and teaching therapy.

Through study, life experience, spending time with different influential people, and nurturing my abilities (both personally and professionally), my current healing work has evolved."

Our Lincolnshire Wolds healing clinic is only 10 minutes drive from the centre of Louth or Horncastle