Strictly Confidential and Ethical, Face to Face Counselling and Psychotherapy for Louth, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, and surrounding areas.

Face to Face consultations at Steps 2 Healing (25+ years experience). Private and confidential therapy room, set in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. 10 Minutes drive from Horncastle or Louth. Phone 079 49 140 226. Assessment required. Price on application.

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Hello, and thank you for visiting Steps 2 Healing. Qualified to Post-Graduate level, our Lead Practitioner, Barrie, brings 25+ years experience in delivering and teaching therapy. His experience includes, working for the NHS, accepting insurance referrals through private practice, and running his own business since the mid 1980s. Please feel free to take a look around, make contact, ask questions, and/or book your assessment. Barrie is a friendly reassuring person, professionally accountable, experienced in his work, and has your best interests at heart. He will treat you as a unique individual, without judgment. On behalf of Steps 2 Healing, we wish you a grounded gentle peace, good health, and a life filled with opportunity and possibilities." If you would like to speak with our Lead Practitioner, Barrie, please call 079 49 140 226 or send an email to

**Please note, we do not regularly list past client's testimonials on our website because even changing the name of a client could break some form of confidentiality. Steps 2 Healing like to think our Professional Standards, Ethical Conduct and years of Continuing Professional and Personal Development, with Experience, speaks for itself.**

The 5 Freedoms, by Virginia Satir

1. The freedom to see and hear what is here instead of what 'should' be, was, or will be.

2. The freedom to say what you feel or think, instead of what you 'should' feel or think.

3. The freedom to feel what you feel, instead of what you 'ought' to feel.

4. The freedom to ask for what you want, instead of always waiting for permission.

5. The freedom to take risks on your own behalf, instead of choosing to be only 'secure'.

Introducing our Lead Ethical Practitioner  - Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Healer, Barrie Foster

Barrie offers over 25 years experience within the field of psychotherapy, counselling, and many healing therapies. He works in a creative and flexible manner, because we people are unique and different in every way. Barrie uses a vast range of therapeutic tools, and has the clients best interests at heart. In the past, Barrie has held clinics on Harley Street, London, West Yorkshire, ... and now in, Louth, Horncastle, Lincolnshire Wolds and surrounding Lincolnshire areas. His work has taken him to a national and international audience, both in private practice, learning, and teaching therapy. 

Barrie Foster - Lead Practitioner
Barrie Foster - Lead Practitioner

"Through study, life experience, spending time with different influential people, and nurturing my abilities, my current work has evolved into the honed skills I can use with you today.

I believe you are a unique individual, and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity: everything you share with me, I will treat in the strictest of confidence, and without judgment. There are many therapists out there who will apply therapeutic models onto you as a client: ask you to complete an online course, even suggest that you take part in a zoom therapy group. Then perhaps put you back on a waiting list. These are helpful, they serve a purpose, but I fear can be limited in your progression. Often keeping you in a circle of frustration instead of goal achieving.

I work with your own unique process to help release stuck or trapped emotions. The subjective experience of being able to physically sit in front of your therapist, in person, face to face, cannot be fully replaced by an intermediary. Although, knowing you have the freedom to telephone or email your therapist to make an appointment sooner, can be reassuring and help you feel more in control of your well-being and future. I believe we should all be treated holistically, subjectively, and individually, to help bring out the strengths within our own personality: to help process our own emotions, to help you grow as a person, to help you heal as an individual, and to help you live your best life possible. Instead of struggling through alone: With Steps 2 Healing, together, we can work as a team, and help you create a better, brighter and happier future."

If there is anything you would like to ask Barrie, please email or call 079 49 140 226. 

Lincolnshire Wolds clinic is only 10 minutes drive from the centre of Louth or Horncastle