Healing with Barrie St John

Healing can be helpful with ANY presenting problem, whether it be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

Healing energy is often described as a kind of 'universal power' that the healer can tap into and channel to help create balance within the clients system. A healer is often described as a 'transformer', helping make a connection between energy and the client.

When your system is in balance, your immune system can work more efficiently, leading to better health, stability and well being.

Healing energy has been around in some form or another for thousands of years. It has been known by many names, often determined by culture, religion and belief. Below is a list of some of the labels that have been used to describe the 'healing energy' and the healing process:

Laying on of hands, Faith healing, Spiritual healing, Chakra healing, Aura healing, Reiki, Life force, Prana, Divine energy, Divine energy, Magnetism, The source, Universal energy, Odic energy, Cosmic energy, Bio energy, Theta energy, Quantum touch, ...and many more.

Healing can be a highly effective complementary therapy for promoting health and well-being, but it is NOT a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Healing is a completely safe process.

Steps 2 Healing always advise you to continue treatment with your doctor or any other health care professional.

About your healing session