You do not need to have a strong belief in healing, but do come along with an attitude of openness and willingness to change.

Sometimes, clients can benefit after just one healing session, other times, it can take numerous sessions before a client notices improvement. Steps 2 Healing generally ask clients to commit to a minimum of four sessions, normally a few days/weeks apart if possible. This can have a cumulative effect upon your healing process. 

Clients sometimes come along for a 'top-up session' or to promote and maintain general well-being.

Barrie often incorporates relaxation in a session alongside numerous healing modalities. He works flexibly, and treats each person with the respect and uniqueness they deserve. All clients have the assurance of strict confidentiality.

Generally, a single healing session lasts up to 30 minutes. Steps 2 Healing provide a respectful, considerate and ethical practice.

At the beginning of your session, Barrie will ask you to fill out and sign an assessment form. After a brief exploration of your problem, he will ask you to stand/sit and start the healing intervention.

Barrie uses a natural, non-verbal, non-medical, non-invasive approach to healing. He may or may not talk during the healing process. Some people close their eyes, others keep them open. Most people tend to drift off into their imagination for a while and enjoy the feeling of relaxation.

Healing with Barrie St John is a 'hands-on' physical touch intervention. You are most welcome to bring a family member, friend or chaperone, to sit in or accompany you to your session.

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